Do Hayley And Elijah End Up Together?

Did Katherine really love Elijah?

During the events of The Vampire Diaries, the two were in a romantic relationship until Elijah chose move to New Orleans with his brother to reclaim a home they once lost.

They are still shown to still be in love with each other even though Katherine refused to give it another shot at their relationship..

Does Rebekah die in the originals?

Rebekah commits suicide in her mortal body in order to keep a compelled Marcel from ending her life because of Klaus’ orders. As she expected, the death of her host body caused her spirit to return to her original body.

Did Caroline love Klaus?

From there on, Klaus displays a genuine affection for Caroline, and his attraction and love for her continues to grow as the series continues. They eventually become friends after he proves himself of having some good in him.

Who does Elijah Mikaelson end up with?

In the 21st century, Elijah rekindled his relationship with Katerina Petrova aka Katherine Pierce, before ending it to go to New Orleans to help Klaus. In New Orleans, Elijah has developed feelings for Hayley Marshall, after he promised to protect her and the child she was carrying.

Does Hayley forgive Elijah?

When asked whether or not Elijah would be reunited with Hayley, she said: “That’s the beauty of it. In death is an opportunity for Elijah’s spiritual redemption. We’ve established that peace exists, that Hayley is there, and that she’s happy and has forgiven him.

Is Elijah a good guy?

Elijah continues to stay true to his word even though Damon and Stefan can’t shake or hide their dislike or distrust of the Original brother, Elijah saves Damon’s life for a third time, making him far more trustworthy than the Salvatores who are as capable as fighting dirty as their enemies.

Are Hayley and Elijah together in Season 4?

The Originals Season 4 spoilers lie ahead. … But that is not the juiciest The Originals Season 4 spoilers Tonkin revealed. Based on Tonkin’s statements, Hayley and Elijah might never have the chance to be happy together even though they both spent five excruciatingly long years before they finally get to be together.

Does Hayley marry Elijah?

With venoms from the seven werewolf packs, a cure for Freya’s poison, and a witch to un-curse Rebekah, Hayley had all she needed to wake her family from their life-maintaining sleep. … Before Elijah was bitten by Marcel, fans will recall that he and Hayley finally got together.

Who is Elijah Mikaelson in love with?

Elijah MikaelsonBiographical informationSignificant OthersTatia Petrova (Former Lover) † Katerina Petrova (Love Interest; Ex-Girlfriend)ParentsMikael (Father) Esther (Mother)20 more rows

Does Hayley ever love Klaus?

In July, Originals executive producer Michael Narducci revealed that there’s a chance for Hayley and Klaus to rekindle their romance. … We know that Klaus will have an emotional breakthrough in Season 2, but it definitely won’t be that he’s in love with Hayley or that he’s more of a pack-guy than a lone wolf.

Who did Klaus Mikaelson have a baby with?

Hope is the tribrid daughter of Niklaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall-Kenner. She is the granddaughter of Ansel, Esther Mikaelson and two unnamed werewolves, as well as the step-granddaughter of Mikael.

Did Damon kill Elijah?

Damon kills Elijah with a stake through his heart. When Damon tried to save Stefan from losing his head, he staked Elijah. Later, Elijah came back to life and pulled the stake out of himself.

Who does Elijah Mikaelson marry?

Daniel Gillies as Elijah Mikaelson Daniel met his ex-wife, Rachel Leigh Cook, back in 2001, and married her 3 years after. Both were happy with their blissful married life for a long time. In one of the interviews, Daniel made his attitude towards Rachel clear: “My wife is the greatest gift I ever received,” he said.

Do Hayley and Klaus end up together?

They continue to share an antagonistic rivalry, but are allies for the sake of their daughter. However, they somewhat reconcile later on and end up running away together with their daughter after Klaus’ sireline is broken, which sends all of his enemies rushing to kill him. They are known as “Klayley” by fans.

Did Elijah really kill Tatia?

Tatia was killed by Elijah but Esther took the blame to save her son the pain of knowing what he had done. However, Esther later used this information against Elijah to guilt him into rejoining their family. Elijah and Klaus both hated Esther because they thought she killed Tatia.

Does Elijah kiss Hayley?

Once reunited, Elijah gives Hayley his jacket to cover her bare body, and the pair shares a passionate kiss.

Who is better Klaus or Elijah?

Although his brother Klaus might technically be stronger — Klaus is half vampire, half werewolf — Elijah is the most powerful. Other traits to note: He is level-headed. He is beyond elegant with his words (and pronounces Elena “E-lena”). He’s so powerful that he’s feared even though we’ve yet to see his fangs.

Do Elijah and Antoinette get married?

They both valued humans as only food as they traveled together, while eventually becoming a couple. A few years later, they become engaged. However, traumatic events related to Elijah’s original family led him to gaining his memories back and Antoinette was forced to let him go when he asked to.